Meet Robert Jernigan

Northwest OKC Native

Robert was born and raised in Northwest Oklahoma City. He attended PC North in the early 1990s and is well informed about the needs of our community. Robert also graduated from UCO with a Bachelor's in Public Administration with Business Focus.

Military Service

Robert joined the U.S Army Reserves at the age of 17 and honorably served our nation through 1999. Robert is ready to serve the people of this state again representing you in the state legislature.

Home Builder, Small Business Owner & Job Creator

Robert knows what it takes to start businesses, create jobs and build our local economy because he’s done it.

Robert knows the value of hard work too. He got his first job at a fireworks stand at age 12 and worked to put himself through school.

Robert started Jernigan Tile & Construction in 2002. The company now operates as a home building business under the name J&A Homes. He also owns and operates a real estate investment company and local retail store.

Father and Husband

Robert married his wife Misty in 2003. Originally from Enid, Misty is a Registered Nurse. Her father was a carpenter and her mother a teacher.

Robert and Misty have 4 children: Robert III (BJ), Brooklyn, Tyler, and Alexandria. They attend Deer Creek Public Schools.

Robert is a volunteer coach for his sons’ little league football teams.